Look at the evolution of iphones in just 11 years

And I’m dumbfounded. Twenty years? Look at the evolution of iphones in just 11 years, how can we believe that a 20-year

service agreement makes good business sense?

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big data analysis platform to Hong Kong retailers to keep track of multiple metrics, which gives them the insights about

customer behaviour to optimize in-store marketing strategies.

“We start off by bringing our low voltage consultants and low voltage subcontractors on board to help us design and

price these systems into our projects,” says Bill Greene, vice president of design management at JpI, a Texas-based

multifamily development company that built 2,800 units last year.

There are other regular facilities available in causeway bay like laundry service, newspaper and

flower service. Taxi booking and car rentals can be accessed at any time and non-regular services like emergency medical

services and Business center services can be accessed at a single call

“We also rely on them to show us the latest technology at the time of design. But because this technology changes so

rapidly, what we select during design can be outdated by the time these products are installed so we are constantly updating

the scope during the design and construction process.”

hitachi dehumidifier – The 16.6L Dehumidifier RD-170FX comes from Hitachi and is awarded Grade 1 Energy Label.

With just one touch, you can choose from the 4 major modes ava

Because not only is it nearly certain that the parts and pieces will evolve, it’s also inevitable that consumer

preferences will change enough to revamp the product.

TrueCONNECT™ Premium is a global virtual service (Managed VPN) for global including VPN

HK & VPN China. This managed private network provides a cost-effective alternative to IPLC and other Layer 2 managed VPNs

without compromising to security.

For instance, locks used to be solely to keep people out. But, as Hollinger points out, on her properties enabled with

smart lock technology, locks are now meant to let the right people in at the right time. Today’s lifestyle demands for the

convenience of not being home, yet having the luxury of inviting in dog walkers, food delivery and cleaners.


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experts to create a new ecosystem for IoT

Build sub-ecosystems of IoT

Can We Outsmart Technology In The Race To Smarter Homes?

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